Sunday, September 28, 2008

A sunny Sunday!

We took a bike ride through Sellwood Park and enjoyed the beautiful, warm weather on the river!
It started out with some leisurely rock throwing... then the madness of Weston and his love for water... He very calmly walked in, then out of no where dove in face first. Did I say it was the river? (quite dirty and rough to be nice).
Thankfully I had some extra clothes, snacks to bribe with, and a dry diaper. Needless to say, he had a blast and even went to bed a half an hour early :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A week of fun with Grandma!

My "bonus" mom, Joyce, was wonderful enough to have Weston for a few days while I continue to commute to work in CA. He loved it, as you can see. They went to Stanwood's harvest festival of some sort; cousin Spencer, tractors, hay stacks, pretend horse riding... so much fun.
For those who haven't met Weston yet, he's pretty opinionated, although he's not quite able to clearly tell you what he's trying (so intensely), to say :)
Nothing like a warm bath after a great day of play! Thanks so much Uncle Alex and Grandma Joyce, we love you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cannon and Seaside Beach!

This is the beach below the house we stayed in for the weekend "Far Cry", in Cove Beach, just below Cannon Beach.
Seriously, it was wonderful to spend time with my boys. Walking on the beach, napping, movies, good food and wine- without distractions! It doesn't get much better.
Weston was an animal for the beach. He wouldn't stay out of the water, which was not very warm, and loved the waves.
Yes, I even let him have some roasted marshmallows (real sugar), despite what you all may think :)
Running into the water at full speed was his plan of action any chance he had. Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather and quality time with my family. I was even quite impressed by the Oregon Coast this weekend, and I'm pretty biased...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fastenal Company Picnic

Ryan had his annual party for his district this year at Oaks Amusement Park in Portland. I was actually quite impressed by this little "carnival". It was a stunning day outside and Weston had so much fun. He rode the car with this little boy and had the most serious look on his face.
After riding the carrousel five times (seriously), we tried the motorcycles. Ryan and I almost died laughing; Weston was a little too small but determined to hold onto the handles. I wish you guys could have seen his face when it started can't describe how hilarious he was.
Well, that's enough carnival for the rest of the year...or two...or three :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My favorite friends!

Yesterday Weston and I had some friends over to play. What do I do when four boys get a little too rough and out of control? Movie time!!! And from the looks of them, it works... at least for a little while:)
This morning we went to Sauvie Island's Pumpkin Patch Farm. The weather was beautiful; we picked flowers, ran around the hay fields, brought home some yummy fruits and veggies, and saw lots of fun animals.
Weston was hilarious in the animal barn. He talked away to the goat, cows, chickens- you name it, he likes to talk to them.
What a perfect end to our farm day... a romantic ride on a tractor with the one and only Nora.

Labor Day Weekend at the Coast

Whatever happened to those "lazy summer days"?? All I know is this summer has been packed with family, friends, and so much fun! ...I can hardly hold back my tears that summer is nearly over...
Weston played so hard with the twins (Hannah and Angela), at Netarts beach last weekend. What a beautiful place.
We went crabbing and to our delight overall we caught 31 delicious, fresh crabs! I've never seen Weston sit so still as he does in a boat; he loves it!
Of coarse momma had many wonderful smooches too!