Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "Trick or Treat" preview...

After these photos Weston added some muscles to his costume. Now he's really a superhero!

Thank you Grammy!

Last week Grammy made an extra special trip to visit us, and oh were we excited!
This chubby guy has already out grown the clothes she brought him...
"Are you talking about me mom?"... He's my rolly, polly, jolly, sweet boy. (Thanks for the studly pj's Pam!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

House guests!

Last weekend we were able to hang out with the Cameron's! Ryan and Mac went mountain biking and we played and showed Tanner around town...until, the HUGE rain storm drenched us from head to toe. At least we got outside.
They were good company for one another; energetic, wild boys. We finished off the evening with s'mores, yum!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

What to do on a beautiful, dry Fall morning? Pumpkin patch! It was an adventure hauling the pumpkins and the boys...
There was no one else there! We were the only ones who thought heading out to the fields on a Monday morning was a good idea!
All the more fun for us!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just try it

Merrick is my big boy, very chubby indeed, and I love him. He's been eying our food, grabbing, and chewing on everything, so I thought he should try some food. Not what I expected though, he's not quite a fan yet. We'll try it again tomorrow!
To make the weekend the best it could be, we were able to spend it with Grandpa! He helped Daddy winterize the garden (it's getting cold!), played Legos, cooked, and blessed us with his company. Thanks Grandpa!

First things first...

Last weekend was very special. Uncle Rob and Aunt Katie came to see us, and some minor little detail about running the Portland Marathon or something like that... Katie has finished some ridiculous number of marathons and is going to continue her crazy love for them a couple of more times this year. Way to go Katie!!! Later last week Weston and I hosted "ABC School" at our house. Yes, I was the teacher. It was great; partly because West loves it so much and my wonderful friend, Krista, was staying with us. She happens to be a kindergarten teacher and kindly took over for me with the kids numerous times. Here are the kids, during snack time, listening to teacher Krista read a story.