Thursday, July 29, 2010


Whether it's pirates, superheroes, a race car driver, a bull fighter, Weston is ALWAYS up to something very creative. Lately it's been 'Mom, can we play two kids and a snowboarder?' Which I still don't really understand how to play... but I follow his lead and pretend to be a mom with two kids (funny?!), and we discover Weston, who is a famous snowboarder (or something of the sort). He waves at us, smiles and maybe even talks to 'us'. This is our neighbor buddy Daniel, he and Weston talk to each other through our shared fence and love to play together.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pacific City, OR

We spent a beautiful weekend in Pacific City. The Oregon Coast is such a wonderful escape from the city, long sandy beaches and tons of adventures! We all stayed in a big, cozy house together playing endless scrabble games, enjoying conversation, delicious food and entertainment by Weston, Merrick and the 'other boys', Niko and Echo.
Aunt Katie and Uncle Rob (along with their furry, four legged boys), found hermit crabs, starfish, and anemones in the tide-pools. Katie and Cale even made the trek down for the night!
Merrick's taking advantage of the many snuggles he's getting from Grammy and still choosing not to walk...
This beach was amazing early this morning. The tide was really low, hardly any wind, and just gorgeous.
We climbed a humongous sand mountain many times... Merrick loved the sand.
Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for a wonderful family weekend!
Seems like our weekend family time goes by too quickly :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We don't see too many girls around here. Most of the boys' friends and neighbors happen to be boys. The other morning at Sunday School I counted 19 boys and only 8 girls in the preschool class. So, when Kaitlyn's around, she gets lots of attention!
She's a pretty tough cookie and can hold her own with West and Merrick. But lately we've started to see some pretty cute snuggles, kisses, and extra attention between these two...pretty cute.
Well, if they're anything like their father, charm comes quite naturally!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holiday weekend at Meme and Papa's

Thank goodness we were able to get out of our rainy town and head for sunshine! Meme and Papa greeted us with huge hugs, kisses, and tons of fun adventures. Our first adventure started at Papa's work, National Frozen Foods, with a guided tour by Papa himself. We were able to see how peas end up in our grocery store; from the moment they are picked from the field, all the way through the awesome cleaning, sorting, and cleaning again process that happens in a matter of seconds. It was amazing. Weston and I can't wait to go back for corn season.
Grandpa George (and Millie), decided to leave the clouds and join in the party too! Weston loved the paddle boat. He would help everyone into the boat, tell them he was the captain and not to worry because we got to be his 'co-pilot'... hmmm?
Merrick enjoyed eating the dirt, like always, and now (I think), is purposely not walking on his own. He is such a snuggle bug, I think he prefers to be carried.
Meme had all sorts of squirt guns, water toys, and stories for us while we enjoyed the pool. She's always great entertainment and the boys love her. Thanks so much Papa and Meme for hosting us, we had so much fun!