Monday, May 31, 2010

Multnomah County Fair

We were so excited to find out the fair was only minutes from our house! With everything from a humongous momma pig and her 11 babies, to a camel named Nigel... the fair was a big hit. The sun even decided to come out for a little while which made our ice cream cones even better!
Of course, Weston loved the ponies. Although I wish I had a photo of Ryan and Weston racing the go carts. I don't know who was more intense to watch, they both were so pumped up.
The weekend was even better because Grammy, Grandpa Bob and Grandpa George were all over to play! They are the best helpers, playmates, and chefs, we love when they visit.
As I watched some of the Memorial Day specials, it reaffirmed and really weighed heavy on my heart how blessed we are. Thank you to all the military and their families. I can't imagine how much they endure, whether it's being deployed and separated from their families, or defending America overseas. It is a huge blessing to live in freedom and we are very grateful!

Monica and Paul

When Ryan was growing up, his family hosted quite a few exchange students. Monica lived with them for one year. He always told me how cool she was, always sticking up for him (mind you this was about 20 years ago), defending him from Emily and her friends :) Monica is from Bergen, Norway, a place we hope to visit soon, and is traveling with her husband Paul and their three kids throughout the West Coast. Milla is the most precious, mild tempered 6 month old we've ever met! We are so glad they were able to stop in Portland and thankful for our time together!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Weston

Weston can find anything in the house and make a costume out of it, all on his own. He creates a crazy story to tell us what he's doing, and 'Jungar', his best (make believe), friend is usually with him.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Merrick!

Who's that in their birthday suit?
Merrick is one today! He loved the attention; every time we sang happy birthday he smiled so big with excitement. The chocolate cupcakes were his first introduction to 'dessert'. Without question he definitely has my sweet tooth and loved every bite of it, especially the yummy frosting.
He has become quite the comedian with this 'Chucky' face... complete with snorting, heavy breathing, and head shaking.
Weston was an awesome big brother today. I'm sure it helped he had some gifts to open, Grammy and Grandma Joyce to smother him with attention, and a day outside 'working' with Daddy.
Merrick is so fun, I can't believe he's one already and am incredibly grateful to be his mom. I get excited thinking about our years to come, getting to know him as he grows, and watching his relationship with Weston. They are pretty incredible!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A weekend outside!

It's so exciting to see the sunshine, and to feel the warmth. Oh how I've been craving it so badly, and for the boys to be able to play outside in summer weather. Finally, this weekend was wonderful summer weather. We fully took advantage of it by trying to spruce up the backyard in preparation for many joyful days outside together. Weston really made my anxiety rise while showing me how to use Daddy's hatchet...
Merrick has a little trouble sleeping at nights, napping, and getting enough sleep in my opinion. The funniest part though? He becomes hysterically delirious. He is so funny and laughs at everything while crawling full speed in all directions.
If any of us even reach out to touch him, he curls up and laughs when he's this tired.
It wasn't super hot, but the boys were really excited about cleaning up the pool and playing with their toys. So we had a little pre-summer swim. Thanks for a lovely Mother's Day boys, I love you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


What do you know... He came bearing gifts! Thanks to Auntie Ann and Grandma Joyce, I now live with Pirates, Cowboys, and Indians... along with Davy Crockett. Not to mention Grandpa George cooked us yummy enchiladas!
Weston's imagination is superb. He's one of the best story tellers I know and has quite high expectations of the stories Ryan and I tell him at bedtime.
He loves to say 'Aaaaaarrrrrr'!
Merrick's three loves right now? Dada, smooches, and dancing. He's always saying 'Dada', leaning in for a kiss, and is the first one to raise his arms up whenever he hears some music. He also giggles all the time.