Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Boy!

All of a sudden Weston is so into being a "big boy"...climbing, jumping, doing everything by himself. It's a whole new phase for mommy too! (yes, that is beautiful, blue sky).
My sweet, sweet boy displaying a little bit of his new found attitude :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

A boy of many "colors"

Or should I say "attitudes"... yes, we are in the "terrible twos". Weston is sooo cuddly, loving, sensitive and kind, most of the time. Although at times he's more of a stinker with more energy than I could ever wish for. This is our typical morning, looking at horses on the computer while he narrates for me about how much he love horses.
We had our friend Owen over to play. The kid on the right is "normal", the kid on the left is my son... ? Sitting still can be challenging...
He was so thrilled to open a "pesant, me?", he received in the mail from his buddies Easton and Quin. I have to say how wonderful he looks in his new pajamas, great taste boys! Thank you!!!
It stopped raining! Long enough for a nice stroll around the neighborhood with Kaya. Weston was so proud to hold her leash.
Today we had sunshine!!! What a difference it makes to wake up to the beautiful light shining through the windows, hooray! Sneaky boy in my clean laundry...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hellooooo sugar high!

One, two, okay maybe three cupcakes for me!
We sang "happy birthday" a few times today and each time he was so embarrassed.
What could be better than horse stickers?...
More horses?...
How about my cowboy hat, daddy's old cowboy boots that are WAY too small, some of my old pajamas I stole from mommy while she was sorting out some clothes for my baby brother, and a little sugar high!!!

Happy birthday Weston!!!

As if birthdays weren't overwhelming enough, Weston was sooo excited to see his grandparents when he woke up too!
The concentration he had opening up his gifts was very impressive...
A hug for Grandpa...
A special moment with "Bob"...
And a little frosting on the nose for a picture with Mommy and Daddy!

Early birthday surprise

Ryan and Weston are having way too much fun together. They came home with knee pads, skate helmet, and all the gear; Weston has hardly taken it off he loves it so much.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yahoo for sunshine!

Weston got to spend the whole day with his friends Noah, Liam, and Jonas while I was at work. He had too much fun; their basement is filled with all things boys love!
After some dress up and construction work they headed out to enjoy the beautiful day. Tina is so brave to go out with three little guys by herself, thank you!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Awfully big shoes to fill...

We found out this morning that we're having a boy!!! I am sooo excited and feel so thankful that everything is growing just as it should. Although the testosterone levels in the house will definitely be rising, I am so blessed to share my life with these boys... We can't wait to meet him! The picture below is quite fuzzy, but it's a profile of his little head. Weston sure is proud of his "tatoos" on his belly too, if you can see them in the photo above.