Monday, August 31, 2009

Outdoor fun and a visit from Grammy!

Our buddy Noah showed us a great hike around Reed College.
As soon as Grammy landed we headed out to show her how beautiful it was.
Weston led the way of course!
Grammy gave us tons of snuggles, adventures, and yummy dinners. We miss you Grammy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family photo, sort of...

We had my wonderful "bonus sister", Kim, in town for a few days. She is an amazing photographer, not to mention a great help with the kids, baker, and house keeper. I think Merrick's face says it all. He can't quite believe that this intense, animated boy is his brother :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting big!

Merrick is growing, growing, and growing. I went through his clothes today from Weston and I swear we passed by a ton that are already too small. He is still very sweet and smiles all day long. Now we just need to nail the sleeping thing...
Grandpa, one of our favorite guests, came to play for a few days! We had so much fun. Thanks for all your hard work Grandpa, we appreciate you!
One broken arm and one broken leg makes for an interesting game of baseball. West was in good company with our friend Wes. He's teaching Weston some tips from the pros (really, because he is one!)
A cast doesn't stop him from running around like a mad man, without a shirt of course.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yes, it happened.

I've dreaded this situation since Weston began to walk, although I'm thankful it didn't happen any earlier. It actually could be a lot worse, and he's taking it like a champ. Daddy and Weston were having a little too much fun rough housing and playing in the backyard...


I know, they come right out looking exactly like Ryan. Which I guess is a great thing, but it does feel good to get a few people realizing Merrick looks amazingly similar to my baby photos. Well, even if it's just the blue eyes, I'll take it :)

Who would have guessed?

I love this photo. When we were at my mom's we invited over a few old friends that we grew up with. It's so fun to meet their kids, see them as parents, and have a beer over discussing life with kiddos. Very proud of these men...
A much enjoyed night of laughs.
Weston and his buddy Tanner playing hide and seek in the hammock. They're two busy bodies, somewhat scarily, resembling their dad's (Ryan and Mac...).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Warm Beach

It is so special for me to spend time at warm beach with my boys. This is where my family spent every summer together growing up. My sisters and I would play all day in the mud flats singing "bathing beauties...". We'd have contests to see who could build the best mud boat, sit in it and wait for the tide to come in and knock it down. They are the best memories. The ones that make you smile really big. I am so blessed to bring my family there now and share a little bit of my favorite place with them! Although their memories will have more to do with throwing rocks, eating sand, and peeing in the water I'm afraid...
The two man crew posing with Grandpa from Auntie Ann's house.
Uncle Jerry let Weston take the boat for a cruise. We even got to watch daddy ski, he's a ripper - Go Dad!
Surfing the waves with Grandpa. What a treat!

More family!

Ryan's cousin Vanessa hosted us for a yummy BBQ with Meme and Papa! Weston loves Jacob and all his fun toys. Thanks for sharing Jacob!
Merrick getting a snuggle from MeMe.
A glimpse of our incredibly passionate, dramatic, emotional boy. You would think he's had years of entertaining experience the way he was eating up the attention. It was pretty bad :)
Everyone loves being center stage, right?

I love horse camp!

Showing dad the tricks to feeding Billy, his very own pony.
Every good cowboy has to explore his camp. It's even better with Grammy by his side!

Where do we start?!

Most of you know horse camp has been a long awaited event in Weston's world. It was definitely worth the wait; he loved it!
This is Billy, West's very own pony for the whole week. We learned how to do everything from grooming, to riding him all by ourselves.
Although by the third day, our busy 2 1/2 year old was more interested in chasing the kitty cat up the tree and checking out the camp cabins instead... but he did a fantastic job and even sports a shiny, blue ribbon from Billy at Lang's Pony Camp.
All was great, then with one jump and dash in the wrong direction West fell head first onto the stairs ending up with a lovely bloody nose. He sure is brave!