Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family time!

Yes, I am a little behind on the updates... We are having oh so much fun at Grammy's house seeing so many of our friends and family. The weather, to my surprise, has been absolutely perfect. Weston has horse camp every morning and has been on the go everyday at the beach, lake, and wonderful family gatherings. I've even loosened up a bit and let him stay up past 7:30pm; those of you who know me and how much I like my "structure" with Weston would appreciate my lax mothering lately :) Or it may just be because I'm sleep deprived... Merrick is as happy as ever being held by everyone and bringing lots of smiles! Ryan and I even get a date this Saturday, woohoo! I'll share a few great moments from the thousands of photos we've taken this week soon. To see some of the cutest photos of Weston with his best friend, Spencer, click here. Jenny is a bit more organized than me :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two months old and growing...

This is one of my favorite little outfits my friend Courtney gave to Weston when he was born. I just love it! Merrick had his two month appointment this morning and is almost 14lbs. 26inches. He's my big boy with at least three chin rolls and a handful of thigh creases! I am falling in love with him more everyday. It's amazing after only 8 weeks the differences I can see between his personality and Weston's. I pray they compliment one another as they grow up.
West just loves him, he's pretty easy to love...
Good morning photos in Weston's big boy bed.
Lots of snuggles!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Weston is saying "SICK!". Seriously.

It's the weekend!!!

We started our Saturday off with a great walk to the park and river. The weather is fabulous and we have the whole weekend with Daddy! It doesn't get much better...
There were tons of people at the park setting up camp for 4th of July fireworks.
Then over to our friends house to have some fun! Now how do these things work?
Weston was incredibly enthusiastic about fire... I'm sure half of it came from the dad's... Seeing all of these boys together was really special. It's clearly reminded me how different God made boys and girls, and how lucky I am to have three of my own!
Happy 4th of July!