Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oregon Coast!

Weston and I discovered an amazing getaway beach that's pretty close to Portland. My mom brought Spencer, along with our friends Patricia, Raj, Meagan and baby Reed down for a few days to enjoy the sunshine on the beach!
Grandma is the best when it comes to getting the boy's energy out. I don't know how she doesn't run out of steam... They played, ran around on the beach, wrestled and played some more. Thanks Mom!
Weston and Spencer; two rebels without a cause, loving every minute together!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday with the Willet's

We started our morning out with a lovely bike ride and a fun hike that the boys could do with us. These are our friends Liam and Noah! (the Willet's)
Later this afternoon, we drove to Vancouver to spend the day with our other friends, the Willet's! Weston loved chasing the girls, Julan and Keeran.
We played at this beautiful little park hidden away on top of a hill. We had the whole thing to ourselves... I guess these are little perks of moving to the northwest... Lots of trees and not as many people. (or at least when the sun's out they're perks).
What a great way to spend the sunny afternoon!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot, Hot Weather!

We had such a wonderful weekend; the weather has been amazing and Ryan planned a surprise Saturday for my birthday. We went to the Japanese Garden, Rose Gardens, and he played with Weston at this huge park while I sat under a shady tree and ate a delicious picnic lunch he packed us.
It was so hot! After we got home Ryan sent me out on my own for a few hours (seriously the best gift ever), and I wondered around downtown, did a little shopping and thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. He is a wonderful hubby!
Sunday we went to our friend's house, the French's, in Lake Oswego. What a beautiful place! We played outside, ate yummy food and visited with our close friends the Patay's. They're on a long road trip from SouthBay for a couple weeks. It's so nice to see them, we miss them!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the holiday weekend with our family in WA. Of course we went to Big Lake, G and G Ash's house to celebrate. Weston LOVED all the flags...
He proceeded to find all the flags and collect them, very funny.
Grandma Jean was his biggest fan because this is her favorite day of the year!
He did sparklers with Great Auntie Janet, and pop-its with the kids. He thought they were so cool, tons of stimulation!
We also spent the night with G and G Coughlin, Ryan's grandparents in Anacortes. This is Jacob, cousin Vanessa's son. They played really well together and we ate lots of Grandma Emily's yummy pies. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A day with Friends!

Some friends of mine and I started a little babysitting co-op every Wednesday! It is wonderful! The boys play together so well and we get a well needed break every other week for a few hours for free! Today was our day to host and Weston was so excited to see Jonas and Noah. He shared very well :)
We watered the plants and filled up the little wading pool. It's been in the upper 80's and 90's, yahoo! I love it! And what kid isn't entertained by water?
What better way to end the afternoon than to play with Nora? They are sooo cute together. I swear they kissed and hugged at least five times this afternoon. It's so great to be able to play outside, everyone is happier!