Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Mellow

This little guy has changed our lives... Being honest, I'll say infancy is not my favorite stage of motherhood. Until I met Merrick. He is the most precious gift and I am so grateful the Lord is trusting us to raise him. He has the sweetest personality and is quite the mellow guy. Thank you God for knowing just what I need!
When he hears Ryan's voice his eyes open wide and he becomes so alert, very special.
Relaxing with Grammy checking out his home.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Morning Merrick!

Weston is so gentle with him, I'm so thankful. He's constantly checking on Merrick to ask how he's doing and brings me things throughout the day. Thanks Weston for being such a great big brother!
Off for another adventure with Grammy!

An adventure

Weston has been able to spend the last week with Grammy, one of his favorite people. Everyday he tells me about the adventure they went on, whether it be the park, a hike, the backyard, etc. He's always so excited.
Daddy and Grammy took him on a very special adventure to Oaks Bottom Amusement Park by our house. He came home hardly able to breathe he had so much to tell me.
When they first sat down Weston said "all by myself Grammy, don't hold me"... Looking at these photos cracks me up, he was squeezing onto my mom and told me how scared he was but he liked it.

Just another wonderful weekend!

We have had the most beautiful weather, so we're trying to take advantage of it and spend lots of time outside! Weston and Owen are "mowing the lawn".
Mom does not encourage... but somehow he always ends up on either a skateboard, "motorcycle" ramp, or some other crazy activity.
And of course some yummy BBQ!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Watch this Mom"

I love this age. Everything is new, intense (well at least in Weston's eyes), and exciting for him. He wants to show me something every few minutes and is so proud.
His "motorcycle" tricks are daily events; performances of all sorts!
Finally time to settle down and snuggle with Dad.


These days, the sunshine has made our life sooo much more enjoyable! BBQ's, leap frog, all the fun summer weather brings.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best big brother

Weston is too funny with Merrick. I was nervous about all sorts of things but never did I think he'd be this obsessed with holding and kissing Merrick. He's so gentle, loves to hold him and is a great helper! Daddy has been the ultimate helper, and Grandma Joyce, along with all our family has made this such a joyful homecoming. Thanks so much!

Welcome Home!

It is so great to be home! My bed never felt so good. I was attacked with kisses, hugs, stories and yummy food, Weston was just precious!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome Merrick Paul Ash!

Merrick was born today 5/15 @ 2:44pm, he weighs 8lbs 4oz and 21.5" long. He and Ali are recovering extremely well, big brother Weston is ecstatic, and daddy is one extremely blessed man!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My buddies!

We had a great afternoon with some of my best buddies; fudgesicles, wrestling, and running circles around mommy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Special Sunday

Sunday was a special afternoon. I'm learning more and more that I'm a "quality time" person; it just fills me up! Ryan, Weston and I spent the evening together and it was great! Ryan found a horse coral downtown where the police officers train the horses they use in the city, it was so fun to watch and we even got to pet "Norman".
Then to Jameson Square to have some dinner and play by the fountain.
Weston was so excited to take his shoes off, he went sprinting into the water and of course... fell face first. It was hilarious, especially his dramatic reaction.
I love my boys!

Meme and Papa

Not only did we have a little sunshine this weekend but we spent it with Meme and Papa! Weston was so excited to show them his toys, ride his bike, and talk their ears off. Thanks for his special new horse trailer, it is definitely the number one toy!
This is his new "cowboy canteen" from Meme, it's official, he's a real cowboy.