Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Special Weekend!

Last weekend we dedicated Merrick at church. They call it a 'baby dedication', but it's actually a parents dedication... We get the chance to ask our community to help us raise our kiddos the best we can, to know the Lord. It's been really cool for Ryan and I to talk about how we desire to raise our boys and what an incredible privilege it is that God has entrusted us with these little guys. Parenting is so hard, but it's the biggest sense of freedom and peace knowing that we do our best, and at the end of the day they are God's and He is in control.
Grandpa Bob and Grammy made a special drive to be with us and celebrate this handsome big boy...
And of course his handsome big brother! Weston was very excited to be on stage for Merrick and he actually lasted longer than I thought :) The sun even peeked through the clouds so we could walk up the street for a yummy breakfast. It was a great day!