Monday, October 4, 2010

"Cheesy" afternoon with Popsicles!

Merrick is quite verbal now, and will definitely let you know what he wants. At least twice in a day he holds onto the freezer drawer screaming 'po sil' (popsicle)! It's his favorite afternoon snack... and sometimes 9am, 5pm... depends on mommy's patience that day.
These two are quite the smile provokers. This morning Weston grabbed his hat and said 'Mom, I'm wearing my beanie because I'm a big fisherman and I'm meeting up with Jim.' I have no idea...?
I pray for these two boys to compliment one another as they grow, really like each other, lift each other up when they're down, have fun, grow up sharing a special relationship with their dad and to know how much the Lord loves them, and made them perfect for His plan. Please let His will be done through our family for his glory :)


Grandpa George said...

You two boys are the cutest boys ever! I love watching both of you grow and smile and laugh. You are both so special. I can hardly wait to get down to Portland again real soon! Please make sure that you save some po sics for me also. I sure love all of you!
Grandpa George

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

Your prayers for your boys are so sweet... thanks for sharing them. I will pray those same prayers for them. I love you Ali, and hope you're having a lovely weekend with your 3 boys. I am still floating around from my fun day with you in your salon on Tuesday. You are the best!

Love, Karen