Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday night campfire!

One of our summer projects was to transplant a ton of plants, clear the mound of dirt they were in, level it and make a patio for the fire pit (Ryan did most of it). It has been so much fun with the boys to have a special 'bonfire' together.
Weston's always in character, finding ways to utilize anything.
And this guy? He is such a stinker! But very, very snuggly. Love him.


The Adamo Family said...

They are so cute! I love Merrick's cheesy grin. And I love that Weston is always acting something out. Cute.
We miss you guys too! It was so much fun to see you/play with you this summer.

Thinking of you guys...
xoxo C

Grandpa George said...

Grandpa George has not experienced the fire pit yet. I am very excited to come down and spend quality time with one of the nicest families i know. I sure love all of you!